Membership and Program Fees

Sky Tavern is a volunteer based, community training facility that depends upon people such as you.  No other ski resort in our area can offer the commitment and passion that our volunteer instructors and support staff provide.  We are proud to have been the program that launched Reno native David Wise on his way to an Olympic Gold Medal. He may have been first, certainly will not be the last.Thank you for being part of the Sky Tavern family.

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program participant fees until the Board says turn it off in a few weeks!

Kids age 3-18  $125 plus membership
Junior Instructors  $105
Adults skiing or snowboarding  $85 plus membership
Adults not skiing or boarding.  No cost except for Sky Tavern membership. Thanks for the help!
Bus prices are coming but should not be more than last season at $90. Bus fees will be billed later.

Membership in Sky Tavern is required to participate in any program such as the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program or summer camps. But you do not need to be a participant to become a member! Show your support and join Sky Tavern. It is not about what you get , but what you give to the community by being a member! Membership effective June 1 through May 31 of following year.


Green Circle Membership

Individual  $25     Family $50


Blue Square Membership



Orange Oval (Freestyle)





Black Diamond
  • Includes benefits listed above
  • Corporate or Family 
  • Upper level parking
  • Four one day Sky Tavern guest passes
  • Discounted Lodge rental
  • Displayed plaque with level of support
  • Double Black Diamond




    Summit Club







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