With new pricing that rewards the adults for being the staff of this Nevada Tradition, most families will be spending less to get on the slopes this season. 

Child of Volunteer $145.00
Bus Kid ( Bus fees additional) $145.00
SkyKid $145.00
Dropped off kids (limited to 200 kids) $200.00
Snow Board Instructor $95.00
Ski Instructor $95.00
Support Volunteer- Ski or Board $95.00
Support Volunteer  Non Ski or Board $25.00
SkyKid Parent $95.00
Jr Inst  Ride w/volunteer or Bus $120.00
 bus fees additional $85 ( What each seat of the bus costs)

This is a sport that does take some "stuff " like skis or boards. We do have some gear that can be used for very low costs. It has been donated to get kids and families going on the snow. While certainly not the latest "stuff" it can help get you started.