Right now the price to join Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program is $125 for the season. That is for kids and adults that are joining. Going to try to hold that price until snow falls. Its all up to the Board of Directors!

If a kid is 9 or older they can be part of the bus program which adds $80 to the price so $205 total. Please remember kids can only be at Sky Tavern one of two ways. They have an adult signing up with them, a parent or  even a neighbor, or they are on the bus.

This is a sport that does take some "stuff " like skis or boards. We do have some gear that can be used for very low costs. It has been donated to get kids and families going on the snow. While certainly not the latest "stuff" it can help get you started. Please contact the office.  323 5125. Just say not having gear is keeping your gang from enjoying 2014. We can figure it out. It does no good in the container.